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RF Venue Spotlight™ Antenna
RF Venue Spotlightâ„¢ Antenna

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A New Breed of Antenna for UHF Wireless Microphones and In-Ear Monitors!

The RF Spotlight™ by RFvenue is an all-new antenna platform designed for close range applications in highly congested RF environments.

RFvenue RF Spotlight

Simply connect the RF Spotlight™ to your microphone receiver or IEM transmitter via low-loss coaxial cable and place in the area of wireless operation. The thin RF Spotlight PVC molded pad can be hidden under a stage, carpeting, podiums, or in the tradeshow booth if desired. Since it is not a high gain system and is placed on the ground, the RF Spotlight is able to maintain a high quality RF link to your wireless audio device while reducing reception of interference sources outside its range. This gives your wireless equipment tactical advantage against high powered TV transmitters, devices in the venue, or unknown systems operating next door or down the street.

RFvenue RF Spotlight

The above test setup included a 10 mW Shure ULX handheld transmitter tuned to 525.25 MHz 5 feet above ground, 50 feet LMR-400 coaxial cable, and a dipole reference placed at the receiver position 50 feet from the microphone. RF Spotlight placed 5 feet from microphone position. This configuration would closely resemble a hotel breakout room scenario or small venue, where the mix position, receivers, and antennas are located at the back of the room.

So What’s the Range?

The RF Spotlight™ operating range is a function of the microphone transmitter output power, length and type of coaxial cable, as well as any nearby metal obstructions. Typical range for a low power (10mW) bodypack is ~75 feet diameter, omnidirectional from the location of the RF Spotlight™. Greater ranges are possible with higher gain transmitters, and even more limited areas are possible with a basic in-line RF attenuator. Check out our downloads section for real world results by wireless expert Henry Cohen.

RFvenue RF Spotlight

Multiple RF Spotlights can be combined for diversity reception and larger coverage areas. In venues where there are multiple systems inter-operating, such as at trade shows and convention centers, separate RF Spotlights can be used for each system, decreasing the reception of neighboring microphones and localizing reception of desired devices.

RFvenue RF SpotlightRFvenue RF Spotlight

The RF Spotlight is designed to meet the rigorous demands of touring and equipment rental companies. The tough, PVC molded pad can withstand the weight of a forklift and is not adversely affected if stood on during use. Its coaxial tail connector is pull tested to 50 lbs.

**New 216 Transmit Version Now Available for 216 MHz IFB and Assisted Listening!**

  • Patent-Pending 19” diameter, 1/4” thick tough PVC floor pad

  • Designed for close range, limited range use, in congested RF environments

  • Perfect for conference rooms, lecture spaces, tradeshow exhibit areas, location sound, worship sanctuaries other close range applications

  • Increases desired signal quality, decreases unwanted signals outside range

  • Tailored for 470-698 MHz UHF, microphones, IEMs

  • Connects to any professional brand wireless via simple coaxial cable


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