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Radial Engineering JX44 Air Control

Radial Engineering JX44 Air Control

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Product Code: R8006500

The Radial JX44 Air Control is a rack-mount device designed to provide quick and easy control over guitars, effects pedals and amplifiers on a live stage. The four input channels are capable to handle wireless systems, electric guitars and acoustics. Like the Radial JD7 Injector, the JX44 is 100% discreet, class-A, transformer isolated and equipped with Drag Controlル to ensure the natural tone of the instrument is maintained. It is equipped with two different effects routing options, built in Radial direct box, full re-amping capabilities and can be remotely controlled for stage use.

Feature set
Front panel is designed to be clear of controls and cables to ensure quick and efficient manipulation during a live performance. Therefore most controls are recessed for 'set & forget' by the stage tech and to prevent accidental use during a hectic show. A central 'system monitor' panel brings together all primary function status indicators for quick status review. Guitar selector inputs are 'exclusive' whereby selecting one input channel automatically disengages the previous active input. Amplifier outputs are 'inclusive' to allow as many amps as desired to be on at any one time.

Normally, the guitar inputs located on the rear panel would be used. Switching jacks on the front panel are provided for added flexibility and are paralleled to the rear panel jacks. Inserting a jack into the front panel will reroute the signal to this input. Inputs A and B are equipped with Drag control for hardwired guitars while inputs C and D are equipped with a trim control to balance the signal coming from wireless or acoustic guitars. The panic button would be used in case a wireless system malfunctions. It 'hardwires' input A to amp output 1 to ensure the show goes on. Guitar inputs may be controlled with the optional JR5 footswitch.

There are four output channels. Outputs 1 and 2 are regular mono while outputs 3 and 4 are set up for stereo amp rigs. All outputs are transformer isolated to eliminate hum & buzz and equipped with 180ᄚ polarity reverse and 'iso' ground lift. A separate JR5 remote control may be used to turn the amps on. This is also equipped with a mute function for quiet tuning. A separate tuner output is located on the rear panel. The JX44 can be muted from the front panel switch, from either JR5 remote locations or by using a standard contact closing 'guitar amp style' foot switch.

Direct Box & Reamp
A built in transformer isolated Radial direct box combines two handy features: it allows a 'clean' performance to be recorded should the artist intend to release a live recording. Clean tracks are much easier to fix (replace or slide notes) in post production. Full reamping is also provided for to allow the artist to replace tracks or thicken the sound later on. Should an acoustic guitar be required, input-D can be routed directly and exclusively to the DI for a direct mixing channel feed. Pre or post effects routing is also provided for in addition to ground lift and 180ᄚ polarity reverse.

Effects routing
The radial JX44 is equipped with two effects loops: one is a buffered 1/4" guitar-level send & return for local connection to a multi-effects processor or local external effects bay. The other is a proprietary balanced system intended for long runs that mates with an optional Radial SGI set. This allows front-stage pedal boards to be used without introducing noise or signal loss due to cables.

The JR5 remote is equipped with two XLR outputs, one at left and the other at right to accommodate various pedalboard setups. Any standard mic cable can be used to connect the remote to the JX44. The system comes complete with external power supply and cable lock to accommodate all international electrical requirements and safety regulations.

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